Supply Control

HERA tokens have no hard cap on supply, indicating that they are an inflationary token. As a result, we intend to make deflation greater than emission by including deflationary procedures throughout Heraswap's future services. The mission here is to make the daily burn rate somewhat greater than the daily emission rate.

The token is intended to be slightly deflationary. This will lead to the price to climb, increasing the incentive to farm and supply liquidity for new pairings, while attracting even more users who want to stake and swap various pools.

Liquidity Pool Rewards

When users deposit LP into our farms, they receive HERA tokens.

Furthermore, LPs can also collect HERA acquired from the 0.05% from transaction fees.

To receive the fee, users must provide the LP for the whole rebase. The reason for this is to prevent users from adding a large amount of LPs at the last minute, receiving the fees, and then withdrawing right after.

The quantity of HERA a user may claim is dependent on their LP share.

Staking Rewards

When users stake in our pool, they earn HERA tokens.

Each pool will have a weightage baseline as well as a weightage boost which can be altered to adjust the rewards for each pool.

Burning HERA

AMM Transactions Fees

HERA will be purchased back and burned using 0.15% of AMM fees.

The principle is simple:

  • After each rebase

  • From the fees in that rebase

  • We will deposit the LP tokens, get both tokens which are then exchanged for HERA

  • Send HERA to a burn address to remove from circulating supply

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