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Token Listing

How can I list my token on the marketplace?

Anyone may "list" any ONUS network token on Heraswap. You are not needed to get our permission or to contact us. Simply adding liquidity to a liquidity pool is all that is required. The contract address of your token must then be entered by traders in order to trade your token.

How can I include my token in the default list?

The default list is dynamic and based on the largest volume within a certain time period. Projects hosting Farms and other tokens chosen by the Heraswap core team are often added to the Extended list.

Applications are not accepted for these positions. Your token's contract address can still be manually entered by users to add it.

My token was copied by someone! Can you make it stop?

Because of Heraswap's AMM-based nature, we are unable to stop the trade of any token. In addition to instructing your users on how to trade your token responsibly, we advise having your token contract transparent and verifiable on your website.

Mining Pools and Farms

By distributing HERA to holders of your trading pair's LP Tokens, farms incentivize users for providing liquidity for your trading pair.

You can also distribute your tokens to ONUS users who have staked HERA in the pool using Mining Pools feature.

These two features on Heraswap are complementary to one another: if a project provides tokens for a Mining Pool, we will also deploy a Farm. If you wish to distribute tokens and incentivize liquidity, get in touch with us.

Get in touch with us to manage a Farm or Mining pool. (link TBA)

Other Proposals

If the aforementioned sections don't apply to your business concept, contact us:

Get in touch with us for alternative business proposals. (link TBA)

Please do not try to contact us through the Technical Support form; it is not meant for that use, and we won't respond if you try to use it for the reason above. You should instead contact us through the Telegram or Reddit communities if you need help with the product.

How soon can I expect a response?

We make every effort to reply to applications within a week, but owing to the sheer number of inquiries, sometimes we are unable to do so. Try contacting us on our Telegram Community if you haven't heard from us after two weeks.

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