📙Guide: Adding Liquidity

Liquidity is crucial to the operation of the Heraswap Exchange. By staking both tokens on the Liquidity page, the chosen token pair will gain liquidity.

In exchange for supplying liquidity, you will get a share of trading fees for that pair, as well as LP Tokens that you may stake in Farms to earn incentives!

Adding Liquidity

You must commit an amount of any token pair of your choice to offer liquidity. Your lowest token value (in USD) will be the limit of liquidity you can give.

Any required tokens can be easily traded and acquired on our platform. If necessary, check our Guide on Swapping Tokens.

In this guide, we will contribute liquidity using HERA and ONUS.

Step 1. Visit Heraswap Exchange.

Step 2. Navigate to the Liquidity section.

Step 3. Click on Add Liquidity.

Step 4. For the top Input, click Select a token. Then, in the liquidity pair, choose one of the tokens you wish to add liquidity. We'll use HERA as an example.

Then, for the bottom input, click on Select a token. Pick the other token to which you wish to add liquidity. In this guide, ONUS will be used as an example.

Step 5. Enter the amount of one of the tokens you wish to contribute. The other token amount should be computed and filled automatically.

(If one of the tokens has insufficient balance, an error message will popup and the button will be greyed out; please input a lower amount to proceed.)

Step 6. Select the Approve HERA button. Your wallet will request confirmation of the action.

Step 7. The Supply button will then illuminate. Click on it to continue. Your wallet will request confirmation.

Confirm your transaction in the wallet, your LP Token balance will be shown shortly after.

Repeat the above procedures to add more liquidity or liquidity to other pairs.

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