Heraswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) for cryptocurrencies on the ONUS Chain that provides robust liquidity through a diverse range of permissionless services and solutions.

Heraswap offers rapid access to any token pair with liquidity, and promises to become the best DEX on the ONUS Chain based on various metrics, including trading volume and DeFi market share. Additionally, HeraSwap offers a number of farming and staking pools with some of the highest APYs available.

Heraswap Key Features

Token Swaps

Simply link your wallet to begin trading anywhere, anytime, without complicated procedures or significant delays.

Adding Liquidity

Anyone may offer liquidity by contributing their digital assets to a liquidity pool through Heraswap in return for alluring incentives.

Yield Farming

Users of Yield Farms can produce passive cash flow over a long period of time. Best usage of your LP tokens to cultivate yields.

Mining Pools

The mining pools at Heraswap are intended to maximize stakeholder profits while imposing the fewest possible costs on the protocol.

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