Token Swaps

Heraswap is a market maker that works automatically (AMM). Heraswap allows users to trade without relying on a Centralized Exchange. Everything you do on Heraswap is routed directly via your own non-custodial wallet - no need to entrust your funds to anyone else!
Swapping on Heraswap is a fast and simple way to trade one token for another by utilizing automated liquidity pools.
Each time a trader swaps/trades on the platform, he will be taxed a 0.25% trading fee, which is distributed as follows:
  • 0.05% - goes back to Liquidity Pool as fee incentives for Liquidity Providers
  • 0.15% - used for purchasing back and burning of the HERA token
  • 0.03% - contributed to USDO Collateral
  • 0.02% - goes to Heraswap developers