Can I trust Heraswap?


  • We are constructed using open-source software for maximum transparency, and both our website and all of our Smart Contracts are accessible to the general public.

  • Using ONUS Explorer, you may review your contract.

Best security practices:

  • multisig for all contracts

  • contracts’ time-lock

How can i stake my HERA tokens?

You can stake your HERA in Heraswap Mining Pools. Visit the Mining Pools section and read our Guide on Staking Tokens if you need assistance with getting started.

How can i farm tokens?

Check out our Guide on Yield Farming if you want to learn how to farm.

How are Staking and Farming different from one another?

Staking in Mining Pools and farming with Yield Farming are both two ways to support Heraswap while earning additional HERA tokens.

Simply add some HERA to a Mining Pool to earn HERA or other tokens through staking. Learn more about Mining Pools.

Farming is more complex, and earning HERA requires LP Tokens. Learn more about Yield Farms.

How can I connect my wallet to the ONUS Chain and Heraswap?

We offer a full Guide on Connecting Your Wallet to Heraswap.

When do you plan to open new pools?

Heraswap is always adding new Pools. There will always be an announcement prior to the launch of new pools.

Join the Telegram Announcements group to be among the first to learn about new Pools.

Where can I find Analytics?

Click on the link below to check Heraswap's analytics:

Heraswap Analytics: https://heraswap.finance/analytics/

I can't seem to find a satisfactory response to my question. Where can I go to find an answer?

If you can't find what you're searching for in the documentation, please bring your questions to Heraswap's official social media sites, and we'll try our best to help.

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